Australian world education,a beach for everyday of the year, surfing is good for the soul, schools churn out conformist robots who sleep walk along. 

I choose freedom. Young-hearts-run-free; one of my all time favourite song titles ! I am a Free-spirit. Why not wander where U choose too. Don’t conform. Follow your heart. Trust me ..just trust yourself. Some people will know what I mean and some will be asleep. Why do things that make you unhappy. Why should life be hard, well it shouldnt! Be kind, do right by others, and yourself. You don’t need much too be happy. Life can be very simple & Simply Devine. How does this sound; a morning spent visiting wild dolphins in Tin can bay.

Roman and I were lucky enough to get the opportunity to hand feed Ella the mum and baby JoJo her 12 week old pup. Today we also met squirt her 5 year old son. 

What a superb couple of days we have had here with Brian the sailing dude a real character. Ate fish and chips by night and looked at the stars and sailing catermarangs by day to Fraser Island and back. Check this for a life can you picture this living on your own island living island for 24 years and raising your three children there alone. Or teaching yourself to sail age 12! This guy was unreal…off the hook on the coolness scale , such a cool chap. So glad we hung out 

Followed by a real hyggee ligge afternoon with 4 Belgian friends, Brian and Roman., Hygge is something else I am very interested in and maybe you perhaps also practice yourself a little without knowing you do! Was great to try this out with Dutch mates, after all Belgium is the home of hyggeelit. 

You might enjoy this book if so, I certainly did, great for cozy nights and or days at home. Picture this; big, cozy jumpers, log fires, candles, danish pastrys, blankets, fluffy socks, board games and loved ones and you’ll get the scene.

In the evening for sunset Roman and I drove our camp car Occy to rainbow beach where we ran up and down the sand bowl and marveled at the yellow and white layered sand. Also the pink sky and scenic beach stretching for miles. We saw something in the sea whale, dolphins … we could not be sure. On Rainbow beach you can drive a 4WD this is cool too. 

Steve Irwin’s Zoo on the Sunshine Coast is soooo good. Not just any ole zoo but the up and close interaction was amaze-balls we were coaching koalas and hand feeding kangaroos and had dingoes inches from us. While big crocs were mere meters away and lizards roamed around freely as they do at Noosa Heads Nationsl parks. Now don’t even get me started on national parks !!- I could go on all day. I am so impressed with Romans hiking he does 6kms without blinking then maybe a picnic at one of the free BBQ areas before another rainforest walk or perhaps a coffee like you would not believe and a dip on some beaut of a beach 

I might head back to Noosa tomorrow thinking about it or Sunshine Coast, do some more swim lessons for the boy at Kings beach and play in a few Rock pools. 

Camper van’s the way to go. Save you a fortune on accommodation and by travelling greyhound you would miss so much , having your own can opens you up to new experiences. Hostels are great but camper is way better. I am so attached to mine now I will not want to leave it and go back to living in a house again after this I can tell you. 

Australia is an amazing country , I feel emotional thinking about leaving it in a month. But now I have built my confidence up I shall travel northern Oz croc territory, Western Australia. I sure would like to do South America but I’ll work up to that. Fin and I also wanna snowboard this winter so will see but I know for sure this is not the end of the 2plus1travelfamily 

2 thoughts on “Australian world education,a beach for everyday of the year, surfing is good for the soul, schools churn out conformist robots who sleep walk along. 

    1. Hi Sis, I shall keep the blogs coming for you! We shall be home in England soon so you’ll have the real deal for a while 😉, not sure how long for however, as I have caught that wanderlust!!


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