What’s so special about Thailand ??🤔

The wonderful warm people for one. Everything feels just right with the world,  here it feels like we are all for one not out for oneself like Britain. Here it’s about making someone smile, giving a gift for the sole purpose of making someone happy not for any return. I have made the best friendships and had some very, very special times I shall never forget. My children have been played with and fussed up for hours. Thailand is such a special place I return time and time again each time I fall in love with it a little more and discover new things I love. My two new loves this time both have the same name one is a cocktail and one is a sport named Muay Thai. I hit one hard everyday and the other not so much at all these days …

Tonight again was spent making memories . I feel thankful for all of this. Buddhism has become a part of my life and I feel like I am evolving at some rate and I sure like where I am headed. I am truly happy and on the right path. I feel connected to a higher something and I have purpose.

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