The jungle; monkeys and no roads !!

Today we hiked up to phi phi island viewpoint, taking the scenic route and woow was it worth it. We encountered monkeys first hand, some tourists were trying to show them away with sticks and this upset the large males who understandably were protecting their babies, much like I protect mine …! We let this all settle and we passed by about 20 of them with no fuss , just like the locals do who live up in the hills jungles everyday. It took my breath away how different their living arrangements were from my own back home in England, little more than tin huts in the middle of nowhere amongst the monkeys 🐒 !!! Wonderful 

6 thoughts on “The jungle; monkeys and no roads !!

    1. Thanks Emma and how great to read your comment – what a buzz ! As you know I am new to blogging and hopefully finding my feet a little now, still playing around with the site and stuff xx 😘

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      1. You’ve done really well! Have you got access to a laptop or are you doing it on your phone / iPad? I hardly know what I’m doing on here either it’s mainly trail and error to see what everything means! There’s good info on here though if you click the ‘help’ buttons 🙂 keep it up!! Can’t wait to read more xxx

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      2. On the I phone… I just do little bits when I can when the boys are quiet or asleep ! How about you ? My auntie suggested writing about good places to eat, take children, stay with children in areas. Yours is looking very good professional 😀. Love the fact I have wifi everywhere and I buy a local sim card so I always have 4G on the go … I thought perhaps I would need to sit at a laptop but no I just go to the app on my phone 📱 xxxx

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    1. Thank you. It’s fabulous here.. there shall be plenty more posts to read in the near distant future from Thailand, I am glad you have 😎 Enjoyed so far. Thanks once again for your support 💪


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