Thailand is Super for Children ! 

Fast, fun and fabulous totally different experience to the islands. Lovely, lovely people. We spent New Year’s Eve on Bangla Road the Main Street of Patong and it was totally child friendly. The bar staff would give the boys biscuits or a high five as we walked to the beach in the day. And I can honestly say never have I felt safer so don’t listen to the scare mongers. Patong is great fun for the kids ! We took long tail boat trips to freedom island, tried the beaches, the kids clubs, the ladyboy shows the whole thing was fabulous so don’t be put off… if it had of been at all unsavory or seedy I would not of stayed but I ended up there a whole month instead of the initial four days planned. Try it ! A great holiday destination. 

3 thoughts on “Thailand is Super for Children ! 

  1. Love this post Lucy! It’s so great you’re encouraging others to travel with little ones! I’d never have imagined it to be like you said. But that just goes to show how you writing these posts may change other people’s minds too!!! Well done you xxx

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  2. Emma Thanks 😊…. you gave me the final push to actually do this you know . Much love and well done yourself 💜💜💜


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